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Modern Skillsets - Traditional Values


About Us

Raven's Group LLC is dedicated to grant and program development and evaluation, focusing through an Indigenous lens on K-14 opportunities for Alaska Native and rural Alaskan youth. We believe that the values of Alaska's Indigenous peoples are the foundation for successful frameworks for programs serving all of Alaska's youth.


Alaska Native people will be represented by those guided by Alaska Native values, lenses and approaches

Core Values

  • Intentionality

  • Humor

  • Caring

  • Balanced approach

  • Integrity

  • Life-long learning

Guiding Principles

  • Respecting where we all are in the process

  • Leveraging our strengths together and growing our potential

  • We believe we have enough

  • Honoring who we are and where each of us come from

  • Recognition of existing wisdom and knowledge of communities and people


Meet The Team

Nathanael O'Connor

Adept at managing rural student residency programs and inspiring learning through fun and educational gaming, Nate naturally cultivates deep relationships with project partners and stakeholders. His particular focus is team building and encouraging connections between youth through design and delivery of self-led, experiential activities. Nate's passions are language revitalization, sociolinguistics, and providing opportunities for Alaska Native and rural Alaskan youth to explore their world and reflect on who they are and where they come from.

January O'Connor

An experienced grant writer, project evaluator and Alaska-certified, masters-level teacher, January also has extensive experience working with youth in a wide variety of environments such as mentoring, mental health, psychiatry and education.  Trained and skilled in leadership, she creates and enlivens youth programming designed to foster young leaders as they learn to empower themselves. January's passions are Alaska Native values, community building, energizing youth and helping people achieve success.

Tim Murphrey

Tim is highly enthusiastic about connecting rural and Alaska Native students to educational opportunities. With a master's degree in education and an Alaska teacher certification, Tim has nurtured his passion for ensuring equity and access in education over thirteen years and in various educational settings, teaching youth the tools and the desire to express themselves and their ideas. Tim thrives on mentoring youth, followed closely by poetry, motorcycle riding and bowhunting.


Accurate. Honest. Frank. Our appraisals provide the insight you need when deciding to take a program to the next level using participatory approaches and culturally responsive methods.


We go deep, above and beyond standard applications. We will work with you to reveal your projects’ strengths while ensuring alignment with core interests.



We customize programs for specific applications, folding in your strengths and funders’ core interests for a dynamic approach to educational and developmental programs.

We put youth first. We tailor our programming to meet the specific desired outcomes through an approach informed by the most current research on youth success


We work extremely well with others and can provide a wealth of experience to your specific needs and requirements. Hourly or through results-based contracts


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